About us

Emder Marine Logistic GmbH has a long tradition in the field of marine logistics. Naval vessels - above and under water - and the related logistical solutions such as spare parts, overhauls and repairs within the technical assistance are the core of our competence. Since the foundation we are a key player in the German naval industry. Not only the German Navy was continuously served, but also many foreign navies.

Emder Marine Logistic GmbH hereinafter referred to as EML is a specialist for the customer needs of their naval vessels during the operational phase worldwide. Our in-service support is based on in-depth knowledge of the systems supplied and the customers' needs. EML uses established industrial resources and well thought-out logistic and commercial procedures, which have been proven in many years of experience.
 Today, EML has long-standing relationships with more than 12 navies and naval shipyards worldwide. More than 1,742 manufacturers of naval systems and equipment, installed on more than 50 ship types, are part of our portfolio.

Relationships with customers and industry are at the heart of our business. Our success is the result of the skills of our EML staff and our understanding of ships and the associated logistics and customer requirements. We at EML know very well the identification of the requested items, the technical references, the relevant sources of supply and alternatives in case of obsolescence, etc. Services and deliveries for in-service support are subject to very demanding administrative processes. Our internal management systems are optimized for efficient operation, including but not limited to acceleration, export and commercial aspects of the business.

EML is an established logistics company. Our core business is to be the specialized supply channel for In Service Support to ensure the operation of our customers' fleet and infrastructure.

We care for the benefit of our customers:
- Supplies and services from professionals
- Direct access to original equipment manufacturers with daily contact.
- EML maintains a database with over 620,000 line items
- We plan technical-logistic activities (e.g. delivery, storage, packaging, maintenance, repair)
- We minimize the administrative burden for the customer and monitor the activities
- We offer the best quality spare parts with superior performance and endurance.
- We constantly work with more than 1324 manufacturers of marine equipment and
   maintain close relationships
- We offer reliable budgets for maintenance costs
- We realize the reduction of storage costs by concluding framework agreements with short
   delivery times

EML maintains a modern information management system using electronic means to ensure short reaction times in satisfying requirements. We ensure the delivery of dedicated material and avoid misplacements.

All business activities of EML comply with the requirements of the German authorities. We ensure correct and efficient handling of export licenses for military and dual-use goods.

EML is supplier and service provider of tailor-made solutions as industrial partner of the Navy. Our experience with intermediate or major overhauls all over the world ensures that the same type and quality of equipment is available as for the predecessors.

 The most effective way to use EML's capabilities is a framework agreement, e.g. framework contracts for after sales service, which gives both parties
- Plan activities early on
- Minimise the administrative burden
- to ensure the best available resources and performance of the services
- maintain a common database/information environment supported by agreed procedures

 The procedures of the export administration in Germany are very demanding. Some manufacturers have chosen EML as their sole export channel, which makes their business much more efficient. We work together with these suppliers on a B2B level in our own backyard market and at the same time satisfy their export markets.

 The scope of services of the offers our partners and customers a One-Stop-Shop. We offer full service in identifying the required goods, ensuring correct identification, evaluation and qualified understanding of the requests, preparation of the best offers, experienced export contracting and delivery according to the specified quality, packaging and transport and warranty issues.

2. Organisational principles and company structure
The capacity of EML and the strengths of our staff are:
- a face to the customer
- competence network for complex support tasks
- best experts for technical, logistical and commercial know-how, supported by up-to-date, 
  proven management tools and quickly available data
- comprehensive database
- permanent connection to our supply base (via 1324 marine material suppliers)
- quality deliveries, because we buy original articles (including ISO 9001 certification)
- short reaction times through best experience and close networking
- competitive prices with best quality and short delivery time
- reliable source of supply as a long-term partner
- good export experience according to the German export regulations
- advanced complaint management
- trusting and confidential cooperation with our partners
The above mentioned principles are part of our daily work and are subject to the "Quality Management System" of EML.

 3. References
a) Submarines to be supported worldwide:
- 209 class (1100t, 1200t,1300t, 1400t, 1500t)
- 212 A class
- 214 class
- Dolphin class
- Kilo class
b) Surface ships to be supported worldwide:
- Frigates
- Corvettes
- Auxiliary Ships
- Patrol Ships
- Fast Patrol Boats
- Sail Training Ship

4. Company key data
Name: Emder Marine Logistic GmbH
Headquarters: 26721 Emden, Osterbutvenne 6, Germany
Business Area: After Sales, Supply of Spares, Supply of Naval Equipment, 
Shipbuilding, repairs, conversion, modernization, engineering support services in all kind of variations